Juicy Bike Tip Video | How to prepare for winter riding

Get ready and stay safe wilst riding this winter.

Riding in winter need not be a daunting experience. With some simple, easy-to-follow tips, we will help make riding your Juicy or Neomouv bike a year-round adventure. We will aim to keep you safe whilst keeping your ebike in tip-top condition.


1) Inflate your tyres


Tyres should be checked regularly throughout the year but especially during the winter. Consult the tyre wall for the optimum tyre pressure. We advise filling to the lower end of the scale to add a little extra traction on wet and icy roads. This will increase the range of your battery (every little helps during colder months) but will also help to prevent the tyre from skidding and puncturing.


2) Check your breaks


Always check that your brakes fully function before heading out in wintery conditions. For cable brakes, you should be able to fit two fingers between the brake lever and handlebar. If the levers pull back to the handlebar, you may need to add more tension to the cable. For hydraulic brakes, you should easily be able to pull the lever with two fingers and feel a firm, even pressure on both sides. If the brakes aren't engaging correctly, you may need the brake line bleeding. It is also essential to regularly check your brake pads/disks for wear or debris and regularly clean with an alcohol spray. NEVER USE WD-40 OR OTHER LUBRICANT TO CLEAN YOUR BRAKES. Don't take any risks with your brakes, especially during winter. If ever in doubt, consult a professional mechanic, or take your bicycle in for a service.


3) Ensure your chain is clean and lubricated.


During the winter, more debris on the roads can clog up your chain and cassette. Debris is usually caused by dirt or grit mixing with surface water and splashing up. When returning from each ride, clean and lubricate your chain with a bicycle-specific lubricant to ensure your bicycle will always be ready for your next ride with a fully functioning gear system.


4) Ensure your lights are working.


As the nights are drawing in, it is vital to ensure the front and rear lights are fully functioning before setting off for a ride. Lights are usually activated by pressing and holding the "+" button on your display. Some models have independent rear lights, powered by AA batteries and manually switched on at the light itself. If there is an issue with either, the first port of call is to check the wires feeding into the light have not come loose. If you are still unsure, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. We also highly recommend wearing high-visibility clothing and a helmet with reflective strips.


5) Store your battery in a cool and dry location


When returning from your ride, it is essential to remove your battery and store it in a dry location where the ambient temperature is between 5C and 15C. Before charging the battery, allow it to return to room temperature naturally. For more battery care advice, see our frequently asked questions.


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