How to choose the right wheel size for your electric bike?

When you buy an electric bike, you have to ask yourself different questions:

  • How will I use my bike?
  • Do I want an e-bike?
  • What frame size should I choose?
  • Which wheel size is right for me?

In one of our previous articles, we advised you to select the correct frame size. In this article, let's take a look at wheel size!


Choosing your bike according to its size: some considerations to start.

We invite you to read our article on frame size, which is as important as the wheel size of your bike. We strongly recommend trying a bike before any purchase. To find your nearest retailer, please visit our dealer map here! Nothing beats the advice of a specialist in the trade to choose your electric road companion!


Neomouv Cronos wheel in green

The main characteristics of bicycle wheels

We characterise our wheels according to four criteria that we detail below.


The weight

The larger the wheel, the heavier it will be. An important consideration if bike's weight is most important when it comes to your electric bike.


Crossing capacity

The larger the wheel, the easier it is to overcome an obstacle. Why? Because the angle at which the wheel hits the obstacle is less severe. A larger wheel will also allow you to traverse an unexpected irregularity in the road, such as a pothole or tramline, where a smaller wheel may sink deeper.



The bigger the wheels, the slower the acceleration time because there is more inertia. However, once the bike is up and moving, the top speed will be higher with larger wheels due to reduced rolling resistance.



The wider the tire, the greater the surface in contact with the ground, which provides better grip, and, therefore, more mobility and improved braking. However, a wider tyre also increases rolling resistance, and the motor must exert more energy to travel at the same rate as a skinnier tyre.

If you plan to ride predominantly on the tarmac, choose one of our City or Hybrid bikes over an MTB, as you will achieve a higher range from a similar-capacity battery.


Neomouv Enara 2 in Ginger colouir riding through the woods
Image of Neoassist 2 motor for Neomouv Enara 2

Which bicycle wheels to choose according to your height?

If you do not have the opportunity to try your bike in advance, here is a table that should guide you:

H<150cm - Optimum 24" - Potential 26"
150cm<H<170cm - Optimum 26" - Potential 28"
170cm<H - Optimum 28" - Potential 26"


The main sizes of wheels and their advantages

20" and 24" wheels

They are wheels suitable for people of small stature or certain types of easy-to-transport and foldable bicycles.


26" wheels

They are versatile and widespread wheels that offer a great mix of comfort, stability, lightness and manoeuvrability.


28" wheels

They are ideal for high-performance bikes and are often fitted to hybrid or touring bikes for comfort over long distances.


Close up of Neomouv Niveol in wine colour
Man with Neomouv Kalyso 2 in Nude colour
Close up of Neomouv Ticket in Wine colour