How to choose the optimum frame size for your electric bike?

When choosing an electric bike, several criteria come into play. Among these are:

  • How to choose the right wheel size. The answer to this information is in another article.
  • How to select the correct frame size. It is this specific theme that we are addressing today.

NB: the measurements given in this article are in centimetres!


What is a bicycle frame?

The answer may be evident to some, but not all, so let's start with the definition of a bicycle frame!

You can think of a bicycle frame like its skeleton. It ensures the connection between the different components and generally consists of two triangles :

  • A triangle located at the front, connecting the crankset to the fork and the saddle;
  • A triangle at the rear, securing the seat post tube and crankset to the rear wheel.


As a picture is sometimes worth a thousand words, here is an explanatory diagram :


Bike frame geometry


Note that the frame size listed for each bicycle is measured from the centre of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat post tube (the edge C of the diagram above).


Choosing the frame size of an electric bike

Choose your electric bike frame according to height

Choosing a bike frame according to its size and your overall height can sometimes lack precision; however, it still allows you to have a starting point. This method can be practical when you are in a hurry and want, for example, to rent a bike for a few hours, but when investing in an ebike, we suggest considering some other elements.


Choose your electric bike frame according to your inside leg measurement: a more reliable method

Source: ProbikeShop

To measure your inseam size:

  1. Stand with your back straight against a wall, without shoes.
  2. Position a book between your legs, as shown in the diagram above, so its flat side is parallel to the floor.
  3. Measure the distance between the top of the book and the floor.


Struggling? Don't hesitate to get help! This method accounts for the length of your legs, which is more reliable than using your overall height!

Now that you have your inside leg measurement let's continue to dig deeper.


Inseam size and choice of frame: the calculation formulas

Here are some formulas that will allow you to calculate the ideal size of your bicycle frame according to the length of your inside leg and the type of e-bike chosen.


The calculation for road bikes and city bikes

INSEAM LENGTH X 0.66 = recommended frame size.


The calculation for mountain bikes

INSEAM LENGTH X 0.59 = recommended frame size.


Choosing the frame size of an electric bike: tables by type of bike

To make it easier to understand, the charts below should guide you on which frame size to choose based on your inseam length and bike type.


For mountain bikes

For hybrid and Dutch-type city bikes

For road and gravel bikes

Arms, wheels and seat height

The information above will help you choose the correct frame size. However, to be even more precise, other data are sometimes taken into account:

  • Arm length and reach ;
  • Wheel size ;
  • Saddle height.

Our advice: speak to one of our dealers. They will help you take the measurements and give you all the information you need to choose your ideal frame size!


What if you are between two sizes?

If you are new to riding an ebike, or getting back into cycling after many years, choose the smaller size.

If you are a confident rider and want a more efficient ride, choose the larger size instead.


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