Great review for Efolding


Recently, Richard Peace of Ebike tips and spent some time with our lightest and most portable folding ebike to date, the Neomouv Efolder.


We are delighted to announce that he had a great time riding it and gave our Efolding an overall rating of 7/10*.


Richard had this to say:


"At higher levels, it's got good hill climbing performance too. The torquey motor allied with the natural acceleration of small wheels meant it put in a decent uphill performance for the size of the motor, being only a few seconds off the pace of bigger e-bikes with more powerful mid-drives. It felt lively up the hills even in cold, fairly windy winter conditions. Up our ultra-steep hill climb it proved one the fastest e-bikes we've tested, limited only by the lack of a lower gear."


Neomouv Efolding


When comparing the bike to the Brompton (which is £1200 more expensive at the time of reviewing may we add) he had this to say:


"it shares many elements with the Brompton folder, namely the 16-inch wheels and a very similarly folding frame. What's different is the motor system, which is a budget front hub motor affair. We think it's as good as the Brompton in many respects and better in some."


You can read the full article here at ebike tips:





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