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In the Peak District we know about hills and we care about the ride.
For us, performance and power must come with style and detail.
Looking for the best value dutch style, folding and hybrid electric bikes with great quality and perfect service in the UK?  RIDE THIS WAY.

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Love life on two wheels. Look forward to your commute.
Get into the countryside. Climb higher, go further.
Cycling hasn't been this much fun since your first bike.
Curious? Book a test ride with a JUICY retail partner.

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RISK FREE 14 day home trial when you buy on-line.
Established UK brand with great rider and press reviews.
Full 12 month warranty as standard or extend to 24 for £69.
Click and collect: Built for you to collect from your local bike shop.

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Tailor it to you: modular design enables you to choose from five frame styles, five battery sizes, four wheels sizes, three brake options, two handlebar displays and five glorious colours.
So you're sure it's right for you. We'll build your perfect bike.

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Reviews from owners of Juicy Electric Bikes - Testimonials

Classic Bike

We've been developing our Classic electric bike for 5 years and had some great feedback.  Read what our Classic Riders have to say about this Dutch style, step-through.

Many thanks for letting us borrow your Juicy Bike for a week. During that time I have really ‘fallen’ for the product and amazed to see my husband's 75 year old dad get back on a bike, for the 1st time in years, and certainly since his knee operation. This is going to change his life. Then even more amazing was my 87 year old father who got on the bike after giving up over 20 years ago! He was delighted with new travel horizons opening up in his imagination. We are now busy saving up to buy them bikes for Christmas. I am also a practicing GP, and can see some great potential here for many of my patients. We are starting to compile our research, which includes the helpful information you provided on the subject of potential benefits in healthcare, on http://www.siho.co.uk/future-transport/electrically-assisted-pedal-cycles-ebikes/ Anna,
Loving the bike - have used it to commute to work 8 out of the last 10 days. One of the best purchases I’ve made and have also had lots of positive comments on the style and sturdiness of the cycle :-) Sue,
This is our second bike from you, and they are fantastic. Thanks, Ian Ian,
My Juicy bike is great! Thank you for your excellent aftercare in helping to resolve the minor issues we had over the phone. Kind regards, Jacqui Jacqui,
I owe you a big thank you for supplying my Juicy Bike. I have already texted my friends and family with a photo of me and my new bike. She is called Olive and we will tell everyone we know about her. I will certainly go online and sing your praises.
I have had a very challenging 14 months. At last I can do something active and have real freedom. Our son, James is a ‘serious’ cyclist and he thinks my bike is a great idea - though he is not certain if he could cope with his mother overtaking him up the hills!
We hope your business grows and grows and thank you for putting a smile on my face. I need as many smiles as I can get! Kathy,
I've now done over 2,300 miles on my lovely Juicy and take every opportunity to sing her praises!
Have a great day. Linda,
We went to try the bikes, planning just to get one for me so that I can keep up on the hills, but my husband had a go and loved it. We ended up getting two, so I an still behind him on the hills!
I think they're marvellous, they're so comfortable. I often ride without power on the flat and just use the pedal assist when we meet a hill, I feel so much better, by the end of our holiday I was cycling really well and going much further. It's freed us to go where we like, we aren't restricted to holidays in Norfolk and York any more. Judy,
Bought a Classic from you in December last and I am really enjoying using it. Out every day. Very grateful for the useful advice and encouragement in getting back into cycling. Thank you juicy bikes! Max,
Great Bike - really solid and comfortable - I'm really pleased with it.
I've had electric bikes before - I'd happily recommend this one to anybody - great smooth ride. David,
I'm absolutely delighted with the bike, I've done six hundred miles on it now and it's great. I often get asked about it when I'm out riding and other people are impressed too, I'm always happy to recommend Juicy bike to them. Really pleased. Robert,
We're very pleased with it. The whole family are riding, and our young dog is grateful that we can finally keep her pace. My daughter recently accepted a job in nearby Bakewell and the bike does a great job of getting her to and from work - Flagg is a high village and the hills wouldn't be possible on a conventional bike. Juicy Bike recently did some repairs for me, and it was ready the next day. Great shop, great service - we'd recommend a Juicy Bike to anyone. Jane,
I recently had fun cycling the High Peak trail and found that I could happily ride without power for the most part, only activating the motor for bit of assistance up the hills. Overall, a brilliant machine. Barbara,
An excellent product - I'm very impressed. Getting to ride is a treat. Jean,
Hiya Bob, its Sheena here, you brought my bike to Blackburn for me, Apeks marine equipment.  I am in love with it. Thankyou so so so much.  Sheena,
Absolutely brilliant. It's seeing a lot of use! Claire,
The bike is fabulous. It's great fun to ride and I haven't experienced any issues with it, even though I'm on it most days. Kevin,
The best money I've ever spent. A convenient, good-looking bike. Glenis,
Heather's really enjoying the bike. Doing a 20 mile round trip to work and back with no pain from her knees - BRILLIANT. Don,
Thank you for your email re my basket order. I will look forward to it's delivery.  My classic juicy bike is great by the way and thanks for your superb customer service. Karen,
It's great - I can cycle the 15 miles to work on it every day no problem, despite my bad knees. I love it. Anya,
I bought my Juicy Classic bike 2 months ago and I love it. It has given me more confidence in riding a bike and can now ride up some quite steep hills which previously I would have been walking up pushing my bike. Up to date the bike has proved faultless. I can ride further distances and look forward to riding even further. Barbara,
My bike is now one year on still the finest machine I have ridden in its class. It has helped me to cover 12 exhibition halls, day in day out. I live 3 miles away I work a 13 hour day. I charge it every night no problem it runs all day. Perfect.  
I will when it runs buy another juicy as they perform perfectly. Thank you for my import last year. Chris,
I bought a Juicy Bike from you last week and am loving it! Many thanks Jack ,
Bought my wife the 2nd generation Juicybike this year after having her original Classic model for about 3 years. She is no spring chicken and admits to not being the world’s best cyclist but thinks this bike is brilliant. The 3 levels of variable assistance makes it easier to control her speed than with the original Classic, as well as extending the battery range, the throttle accessory is great for starting off especially on a hill and the very low step through frame is ideal. Ken,
Just a quick reply to say how pleased we are with our bikes which we collected last week. Really pleased with their performance. We gave them a tough challenge up some serious hills and the battery power and gears made for a very comfortable ride. Please say thanks to Matt who did a great job serving us in the shop. Rosie,
I'm utterly besotted with my juicy bike and am much more confident on it with the new brakes, they're great. Iona,
I have now owned my Juicy Bike Classic for a month and am more than satisfied with its performance. I use the bike for local trips (pub, choir practice, gym, shopping, etc), to avoid getting the car out. These are typically round trips of about 10 miles. Rupert ,
I would heartily recommend the Classic bike to anyone looking for a convenient and easy way to make economical local trips and as an excellent means of keeping fit, without arriving exhausted and sweating at their destination. The optional basket's extremely useful and always provides a talking point. I'm now known as “The thinking man’s Miss Marple”. Rupert ,
After your helpful emails I visited E-Motion in Swindon and bought a Classic from them. The staff were excellent. Eric,
The bike arrived as stated. I haven't ridden a bike for three years I WAS OFF UP THE ROAD LIKE A ROCKET!!  Met a friend who I stopped to chat to about the bike.  She had never seen one. Power assisted Nanny on the loose - you have been warned! Sue,
Just wanted to drop you a quick mail to say thank you for the bike and for swapping back to the non throttle version. We're both much happier with this bike and don't miss the throttle at all. Seems to run and run, have just completed 30 miles and still plenty of power left. Anyway, thanks again. Paul ,
We rolled up at Juicy Bikes shop in Buxton a couple of years ago - given advice on where to park the car then handed a bike to try out on the hilly streets of the town. We bought two bikes there and then. We've had excellent service from Bob and his team - we especially like the clued-up attitude of the staff, who all seem to be able to explain things in simple to understand terms that even a couple of elderly non-tech plebs can understand! Tom,
Have used the bike throughout the season including 8 weeks in France, and over such variable terrain as the hills around Hartington and the flat coastal areas of Lincolnshire. So far we have experienced zero defects, never run out of battery power (maximum run to date about 30 miles) and find the bike an ideal extra for our caravanning holidays, much better than going everywhere by car. Ken,
Pleased with the bike its gorgeous we just need some instruction about the battery and how long you charge it for etc. Love my bike, I have recommended the bike to my pals on the "down the lane" forum, under green and eco issues. Many thanks Mel ,
I just wanted to email you and let you know that I have spent the best part of this afternoon cycling around the village on my lovely new bike. I couldn't be happier with it and I wanted you to know this. I look forward to riding it those 18 miles on Monday. Thank you again, you've been wonderful. Kind regards Gemma ,

Sport Range of Hybrid Bikes

See what our Sport riders think of us and our bikes.

I'm still having fun with the bike; it really has made a difference to my quality of life (though the weather helps too, of course), and I have been enjoying exploring different routes. The battery life is expanding, so that I am now getting to work with all three lights still showing. Have been charging at work all the same.
I will be in touch in due course for the first service. Thanks again, Hannah Hannah,
Just checking in to say the bike is top notch and settling in nicely.
As its now my daily vehicle, I have fitted a bike crate up front, which has effected the performance very little.
She’s turning out to be a nice little cargo carrier.
Nearly 2 years since I bought my Juicy Lucy and we have now clocked up over 4,500 miles just in commuting to work and back ... am still loving her and the cycling ... even when it pours.
Cheers guys! Linda T,
Thank you for sending the Juicy Bike so quickly. Easy to assemble, I have been out for a ride today to try it out and I am very pleased with the bike, managed to get up a hill that I usually struggle with very easily. Looking forward to longer rides when the weather improves. Thanks, Dianne Dianne,
Hello and many thanks for the speedy service we received from juicy bikes, my Dad is over the moon and very pleased with his new electric bike he has wanted one for many years and spent a lot of time researching the best ones and is very happy with your service and his purchase. Sarah,
Four years and still going well, had a problem in the first year, but it's been fine since. Great bike. Wain,
Been out on the bike once & really love it. I enjoyed the banter while buying it & realize it was like pulling teeth trying to sell it to me. At least you know all your other sales will never be as hard. Thanks for the generosity with the sale & discount but I can assure you I will be your best salesman while out & about camping.
It was nice dealing with genuine people. Jim,
Loving the bikes they are "Brill" we have been out when ever we can, it's like stepping out of the dark and in to the light. John F,
I was unable to drive when I bought it and thought I might sell it when I was driving again, but I wouldn't be without it now. It's my friend. We're thinking of getting another because my 14 year old son is now borrowing it all the time and we're fighting over it! Eleanor,
Hi. I have just returned from a week in Wales cycling on my new bike.
I am really pleased with it - it is a delight to ride, and the battery capacity is well up to spec. Cheers Forbes,
I've done 2000 miles now, they're great machines, I just like the freedom it gives me. I'm always talking to people about it, Bill,
I cannot fault it - It's great - I've only missed one day of riding to work on it since I got it. I love it. Nicola,
I can not think of a purchase I have made in the recent years which has brought me so much pleasure. Thank you for the bike it is truly wonderful. Richard,
I've had the bike a while now, it's been a good bike, great value for the price. I've been really pleased with it. Harry,
I think the bike's brilliant, it's great to have my freedom back and I love overtaking people in lycra going up hill! Eleanor,
Thanks a million for today. I was very impressed with the service we received and the very high standard of the repairs. Needless to say I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know who wants an electric bike. Nick was very taken by the Urban and I might try and twist his arm, especially as he was so keen to ride (and then damage!!) mine ;-). Thanks again. Pleasure doing business with you. Steve,
Love the look of the bike, it's nice and chunky. I can go twice the speed of my old bike. The brakes are excellent, better than the rubber block type. It's been very reliable. Takes around 1.5 hours to charge every night after my ride to work and back, a distance of 9 miles.
Quality stainless chain and derailleur gears. The drinks carrier is not really necessary, and I will probably upgrade the seat at some point. Overall, really pleased with the Merlin. It's good value for what you get.
I'm thoroughly enjoying riding it, even through the bad weather we've been having. Phil,
It's a fantastic machine, I've had it about a year and done 600 miles on it. I've riidden up Winnats Pass on it - it's a 1 in 5 - if it'll climb that it'll climb any hill in Derbyshire. You need the fitness to be able to pedal steadily but it will do it. Choose lowest gear and lowest power and take it up nice and easy, not too fast, about 4 miles an hour. I'd recommend this bike to anybody. Bill,
Absolutely Love This Bike! It's Brilliant. Ride to work, 18 miles a day, alongside a river which is frozen in winter.  Marvellous journey!  Riden every day throughout the winter and really enjoying the Spring weather. Saving a fortune on petrol, insurance, tax, now I've got rid of the car. Colleagues at work now want one each.  Best money I've ever spent!  Douglas,
I rode the bike in to work this morning (an 8.5 mile journey with a few quite steep hills) and it was a joy – no more aching legs. A work colleague has been looking it over and is teetering on the edge of ordering one. I am extremely happy with the bike and the service I have received. UPDATE: Feb 2013 - Loving the bike and have done 1600 commuting miles since I got it in june Ryan,
The bike is running superbly and the variable controller is a fantastic modification that has made the bike faster and more versatile.
With the good weather recently, I have been out and about in the city and the bike has recieved many good comments particularly regarding its colour and style.
Just to say the bike is fantastic and a lot better than I imagined. Dean,
The bike is a lot better than I expected, it is perfect for commuting to the train station and now saving me £10 a day in taxi’s. It’s faster than I thought and from a standing start gets up to speed very quickly. It has everything you need, I have added a speedo because I was interested what speed it does and it can go between 15 and 17 mph on the flat which is very good. Dean,
Mark came as promised and found the fault was in the battery so replaced it with the one from the bike he had brought with him and it now works perfectly. I did 22 miles on it yesterday. It's just superb. I am delighted with it. Thank you for resolving this so expediently. I am one very happy customer. I won't mention this in dispatches. Paul,
My wife and I recently purchased our Juicy Bikes,and we could not be more pleased with the bikes and the service we received. Nothing was too much trouble and we were given every opportunity to road test the bikes before purchase. So far the bikes have exceeded our expectations and we look forward to many years of service,and I just know that we will have good after care in the future.
Having been keen bikers over the years age and creaky joints have taken their toll, the Urban and Sport bikes have given us a new lease of life and we are once more out and about enjoying the fresh air. Graham,
The bike is Brilliant! Love It! Many thanks for your help, much appreciated. Sandie,
Just a quick note to say bike is doing fantastically well, 100 miles this week on the commute and I am still able to walk!
All parts holding up well and only recent problem was glass ruining a rear tyre, puncture proof slimed one on now!
Regards and thanks for my new found fitness. John,
Thank you for my brilliant Sport bike - great on the seafront! David,
I wouldn't be riding half as much if i didn't have a Juicy bike I can do 20 miles comfortably, I 've had some real fun on it.  Barry,
I am very pleased with the bike, the style and everything, I bought it to get my fitness up a bit (a lot) and it will certainly do that, if I can only leave the throttle alone. The bike arrived Monday, the packaging was fine, I read the user manual, put the battery on charge and assembled the bike. Today (Tuesday) I went on my usual 13 mile run. I usually do this on a 14 year old mountain bike and a steady run takes 2 hours (35 years of heavy smoking and drinking have left their mark). The fastest I have done it (which nearly killed me) was 1 hour 30 minutes. I did it today in 55 minutes and never broke a sweat, the long steep hills on the way home are no problem now. Before I had to get off and push my bike up the hill and rest at the top with a purple face.
I am very pleased with the bike, the style and everything. When I have had the bike a while I will put a review on the Pedelecs site, Thank you. Chalky,
Just a line to say a big thank you for going to the trouble of delivering and assembling my bike personally. This level of commitment to customer service will undoubtedly take your buisiness from strength to strength! I took the bike for a 10 mile spin yesterday and it rode perfectly. I am now very happy with my purchase. Kind Regards Chris,
I received the new bike on Monday as you predicted - unpacked, assembled & adjusted it - all ok. It would take a bomb to damage it; it's built like a rather good looking tank - just what I wanted. Plenty of power & good controls. I will road-test it in the next couple of days. Tony,
Road tested the bike today .... SUPERB!! Tony,
After trying the sport bike out, I am well impressed. Many Thanks. Chris,

Urban Compact Folding Bike

Our Urban folder has so many uses... ...and users.  Here's what they say.

Its been great. I like it because it gets me where I want to go faster, so I can get more done in a day. Ian,
We love them. We have the new soft start bikes - you really should be shouting about this on the web site - it makes such a difference to the ride. We went from Middleton Top to Parsley Hay and back, a round trip of 23 miles, just to see how far we could go, but we still had some charge left at the end. They really are wonderful! William,
Received my bike a few days ago and wow is it a cracker love it ! Unfortunately I cant ride it at the moment due to breaking my wrist before it arrived but I just cant wait to get out on it. Thanks for the really good service it arrived on time. Great friendly customer service received would fully recommend to anyone wanting to purchase an electric bike. Izzy,
The bike's amazing. It's changed my life, I don't have to get up so early now and I get to work in 25 minutes. My younger colleagues come huffing up the hill to work and I arrive refreshed. It's gives me fresh air, exercise and independence - I love it! Caroline,
Thanks for your help today. Jackie has been out this evening, riding in the dark, and even up a modest hill or two. Our son just about kept up on his non electric bike, but was a lot more out of breath on their return! Jackie is very pleased with the bike, as am I. We will of course be showing off the bike to what we anticipate will be envious friends, and passing on the word about JuicyBikes face to face and virtually.
Kind regards, Nigel 
I would like to thank the shop staff for their most helpful assistance during the purchase of our bikes on thursday last. We wasted no time in trying them out as on the way home, we rode the Monsal Trail and a most pleasurable experience it was! We already own folding bikes and I am really impressed with the stability of the urban folder ,tracking very true indeed. My only (very small) issue at the moment, is the handlebar height is a little high, but I suppose after years of riding conventional bikes this is only to be expected, I'm sure I will get used to this in time. We will be holidaying in Suffolk shortly so the bikes will certainly have a good try out then - looking forward to it. Once again thank you for your excellent service.
Kind regards, Nigel 
Bev and Nigel,
I collected my Juicy Urban 20 on Friday. IT IS AMAZING! I can't cycle my 'normal' bikes anymore because of arthritis. I still 'feel' like I've cycled, but dreading hills (of which we have a lot of in Buxton!) is a thing of the past! I feel like I have a huge chunk of my former life back :-)
It has been great dealing with you, as you’ve been most helpful when we visited the shop for the original test rides (Becky), and then when I decided to purchase / pay a deposit, and then ask lots of questions re: the Sport which my husband was thinking of buying. (Sarah) Claire,
We just wanted to let you know that we are so pleased with the bike. We took it to France and had some great rides, we have also done longer rides around the Peaks since we came home. Friends who have tried the bike have been really impressed. Barry,
We love our two Juicy Bikes!  Really, really pleased with them and recommend them to everyone we meet.  Looking forward to a trip to Hartington next week setting out from Parsley Hay Cycle Hire on the Tissington Trail. Graham,
Getting to know my Urban bike.  Enjoying every minute! Eileen,

Retro Scooter

An amazing machine that glides through traffic, quietly and so efficiently, turning heads wherever it goes.  Hear what our customers say...

The new charger arrived yesterday, I was stunned by your prompt attention to this. The bike is brilliant and am commuting the 25 mile trip to and from work with ease, saving a lot of money. Once again a huge thank you for such prompt service it makes being a customer EASY. Geoff,

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