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In the Peak District we know about hills and we care about the ride.
For us, performance and power must come with style and detail.
Looking for the best value dutch style, folding and hybrid electric bikes with great quality and perfect service in the UK?  RIDE THIS WAY.

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Love life on two wheels. Look forward to your commute.
Get into the countryside. Climb higher, go further.
Cycling hasn't been this much fun since your first bike.
Curious? Book a test ride with a JUICY retail partner.

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RISK FREE 14 day home trial when you buy on-line.
Established UK brand with great rider and press reviews.
Full 12 month warranty as standard or extend to 24 for £69.
Click and collect: Built for you to collect from your local bike shop.

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Tailor it to you: modular design enables you to choose from five frame styles, five battery sizes, four wheels sizes, three brake options, two handlebar displays and five glorious colours.
So you're sure it's right for you. We'll build your perfect bike.

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Vous envisagez d'acheter un vélo électrique ?  Voici notre collection d'articles, de conseils et de guides utiles.

Nous sommes obsédés et passionnés par les vélos électriques et nous souhaitons partager les joies de la possession de ces véhicules aussi largement que possible.  Si vous envisagez de devenir propriétaire d'un vélo électrique, nous pensons que certains des articles suivants peuvent vous donner un aperçu de ce à quoi vous pouvez vous attendre. 

Nous avons fait appel aux cerveaux d'amis et de collègues respectés et compétents du monde entier pour partager les conseils et les histoires de ce passe-temps fascinant, agréable et sain.

Pourquoi acheter un vélo électrique ?
Voici quelques raisons pour lesquelles les gens trouvent les vélos électriques si utiles.


Un vélo électrique vous fera sourire à coup sûr, à chaque trajet !

Range anxiety shouldn't be a thing

When buying an electric bike one of the first questions customers ask us is "How far will it go?"

This should be an easy question to answer honestly and informatively, however we've noticed a real hotch-potch of obfuscation and caveats amongst the industry as a whole that could almost seem designed to promote confusion and, ultimately, anxiety that any customer should never have to experience.  Buying an ebike should be filled with pleasure and joy - a confident purchase without guesses or doubts.  So with that ambition we try to un-pick manufacturer claims to reveal how best to compare electric bike range claims.

electric bike on a long trail

ELECTRIC CYCLISTSThis guy... has all the latest stuff...


We’re often asked, when people first come across electric bikes, who rides them?

We’re not sure why it’s such a mystery, perhaps it’s because e-bikes are still quite a new form of transport. To us, the people who have led the way are pioneers, creating of a new subculture of cycling freedom and fun. Occasionally looked down on by “proper cyclists” (and by more conservative bike shops), they are a growing band we’ve come to know and love. Every e-bike rider is different, every journey and challenge unique, but over the years patterns emerge, perhaps we could call them e-bike personalities.


How do I fold a Juicy Compact Bike?

Answer: It takes less than a jiffy - here's how...


As a cyclist, it’s important to set yourself realistic targets and achievable goals. When we’re out on a bike ride, one of the more achievable and enjoyable goals is anywhere serving delicious homemade cakes and a proper cuppa. We sense we’re not alone, and so we’ve compiled a list of 5 of our favourite local tea rooms for all our sweet-toothed kindred spirits (you know who you are) to plan a day’s route around.  

Herbert’s Fine English Tea Rooms, Tissington

Now, in 2017, there’s a time and a place, of course, for high street chains where there are fifteen different words for “small”, the coffee comes quick and strong and a smile and eye contact are part of the production line - but there’s none of that here. You may not be able to get a hazelnut skinny soya milk latte at some of our picks, but you’re guaranteed a homely atmosphere, a decent quality brew, and warm, genuine Peak District hospitality. All are situated on or very close to one of the region’s cycle trails, and come complete with the official Juicy Electric Bikes seal of approval.

Our selection of the Peak District's best bike rides with pub lunch pit stops

It’s April, and Winter, it seems, is beginning to recede. We’re seasoned enough to know that the cold weather probably won’t all be over and done with yet - we live in Derbyshire - but what’s certain is that the days are getting longer, with good light until 6 or 7 o’clock in the evening, and if you’re lucky, there’s a real chance of some warm Spring sunshine to enhance your mood and boost those vitamin D levels. With this in mind, we think it’s high time to don your helmet, promote your trusty eBike from Head Dustcatcher to Trailblazer-in-chief, and head out for a ride, safe in the knowledge that you can make a day of it.

To whet your appetite, so to speak, we’ve picked out some of our favourite gastropubs in the region, all within easy reach of the trails - because what is a day of cycling, if not an excuse to quickly replenish all those hard won calories you’ll be burning?


1. Royal Oak, Hurdlow (Tissington Trail)

Royal Oak Hurdlow Derbyshire

Electric Bikes Explained:
How do you choose the best electric bike for your budget?

There’s no denying that an electric bike is an investment – in your health and well-being, and of your hard-earned cash too. Prices run from a few hundred up to several thousand pounds, and with more brands and models on the market now than ever before, deciding which one is right for you can seem a daunting, even insurmountable task. But while this is totally understandable, it needn’t be the case. In the following article, we take a look at popular models across a range of styles and price brackets, breaking them down to their elements and giving you the lowdown on the pros and cons of each one, so that by the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what you need, and what you need to spend to get it.

Ebikes Demystified

5 Ways to Hint to a Loved One You’d Like an Electric Bike for Christmas

1. Harness the power of suggestion by subtly alluding to e-bikes in your everyday conversations as form of sustained but loving mind control.

Derren and Poco bike

Which is better (behind the hype)? – Gtech vs Juicy

With an extensive advertising campaign spanning TV, print media and the web, and reviews in the Daily Mail and London Evening Standard, the chances that Gtech’s new eBike has come to your attention are higher than that of any other pedelec currently available in the UK. But is the exposure really justified? Does the Gtech deserve to be Britain’s most heard ­of electric bike, and how does it compare to the Peak District’s own brand, Juicy Bike?

We’re confident we know which one comes out as the overall winner. Naturally, we’re biased, but we also think the facts and stats speak for themselves. And so, we’ve stirred up a little contest...

Two electric bikes go head to head

Which is the better electric bike (ignoring the hype)? – Halfords Crossfuse vs Juicy's Roller

As the UK’s biggest cycling retailer with huge advertising campaigns and a range of bikes to match, it’s pretty likely that you’ve heard of Halfords and the range of eBikes they sell. With the Crossfire and Vulcan eBikes proving popular, a new, more refined model has entered the market – the Carrera Crossfuse. We know Halfords will soon be marketing this in every way they know how, but does it really deserve your attention and how does it compare to the Peak District's very own, Juicy Bike?

We’re confident we know which one comes out as the overall winner. Naturally, we’re biased, but we also think the facts and stats speak for themselves. And so, we’ve stirred up a little contest…
Going up against the Carrera Crossfuse in a head-to-head specification table, based on their design and intended performance of both bikes we've chosen our very own equivalent, the Juicy Roller. We believe both bikes will do the same job at least as well as each other - commuting with ease or weekend leisure extender.

Crossfuse and Roller electric bikes, side by side

Our Design Sensitivities

At Juicy Bike, we’re sensitive, thoughtful types, prone to introspection and the odd existential crisis. The way we see it though, as long as we’re not in the middle of anything fiddly, involving heavy loads or jagged edges to injure ourselves with, then it probably doesn’t do us any harm. Retro/vintage “Dutch style” electric bikes are an essential part of our roster, and have been from the beginning. But, why? And what does that even mean? What are these terms, “retro” and “vintage” that we bandy about with such nonchalance, safe in the knowledge that this is Who We Are? Such is our latest neurosis.

Having done a little digging, it seems that “retro” and “vintage”, although often used interchangeably, are in fact two distinct concepts.

Simply put, for something to be vintage it needs to have been made during the time in question, whereas something is considered retro if it is based on designs from days gone by.


Vintage ebike scene showing UK telephone box in Derbyshire village near Chatsworth 

Nous sommes nombreux à chercher la meilleure solution pour améliorer notre santé et notre forme physique.  Au fur et à mesure que s'achèvent les gâteries, beaucoup d'entre nous sont pris de peur de devoir attendre que la route soit longue avant de pouvoir récupérer notre corps.  Voici cinq bonnes raisons pour lesquelles un vélo électrique peut vous aider à retrouver vos vêtements préférés

ways to health

Quels sont les avantages d'un vélo électrique par rapport aux vélos normaux ?

1. Vous l'utiliserez réellement

Il est facile d'acheter des choses - un abonnement à un club de gym, un vélo d'appartement, un Shakeweight (un quoi ?) - et de profiter d'un peu de dopamine gratuite pour faire quelque chose de noble, mais sans que le personnel ne transpire. Une bonne affaire, n'est-ce pas ?

Le plus difficile, c'est d'utiliser ces objets de manière constante pour améliorer sa santé, et les vélos ne font pas exception à la règle. Selon les recherches, seuls 46 % des vélos conventionnels sont utilisés, ne serait-ce qu'une ou deux fois par semaine[1]. Pour beaucoup, l'image mentale d'une colline qui s'enflamme, les poumons et les jambes en feu, ballottée par le vent, la neige fondue, le souffle court et le manque de temps, suffit à tuer dans l'œuf l'idée de faire du vélo. Mais détrompez-vous...

Leigh from Juicy Bike with his dogPictured: Leigh. Not bad at fixing bikes (with Wilma who is)

We had a chat with Leigh Smith (Eco Republic New Mills chief denizen) to get the skilled mechanic’s perspective on electric cycling. Unmissable tips and shocking anecdotes ensue:

Juicy: Hi Leigh. How’re you?

Leigh: I’m fine, thanks.

Good! What exactly do you do around here? What’s your title?
Well, my official title at one point was Senior Sales Associate, but at some point the company director waved a Workshop Manager’s contract in my face. So I suppose I’m one of those.  Right now I'm working towards becoming the Store Manager for what is the Juicy Bike Trade Showroom - quite a job balancing providing a good retail experience, imeadiate and remote support, managing work through the workshop and feeding into the design and manufacturing process.  I'm not sure there's a job description that could cope - either for me or for anyone working here - we all do so many things!

Atmosphere Electric Bike Centre Bristol

Electric Bikes are a young industry, so truly experienced figures are few and far-between. Luckily, Bristolians have Alistair of Atmosphere Electric Bikes – one of the very first dedicated e-bike shops in the UK. We dropped in to see what’s happening with our friends in Brizzle...

Juicy: Morning Alistair! What do you do at Atmosphere?

Alistair: I’m the owner!

[Following the akward silence we adopt a more deferential tone and the interview picks up again...]


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