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In the Peak District we know about hills and we care about the ride.
For us, performance and power must come with style and detail.
Looking for the best value dutch style, folding and hybrid electric bikes with great quality and perfect service in the UK?  RIDE THIS WAY.

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Love life on two wheels. Look forward to your commute.
Get into the countryside. Climb higher, go further.
Cycling hasn't been this much fun since your first bike.
Curious? Book a test ride with a JUICY retail partner.

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RISK FREE 14 day home trial when you buy on-line.
Established UK brand with great rider and press reviews.
Full 12 month warranty as standard or extend to 24 for £69.
Click and collect: Built for you to collect from your local bike shop.

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Tailor it to you: modular design enables you to choose from five frame styles, five battery sizes, four wheels sizes, three brake options, two handlebar displays and five glorious colours.
So you're sure it's right for you. We'll build your perfect bike.

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Couple on two electric folding bikes in Buxton, Derbyshire.


A foolproof guide to finding your next electric bike, that's a perfect match for what you need and one that will love you back.  After all, finding an electric bike for the long haul is about so much more than choosing the prettiest model and clicking ‘Add to Basket’.

1. Be Honest

We’ve all seen our fair share of questionable bike pairings: the mid-life crisee who insists on the maximum spec to truly dominate his gentle city commute. The Peak District cyclist whose shiny, sexy e-bike offers a ‘subtle’ level of assistance on hills. So since all lasting relationships are founded on honesty, we recommend that you ask yourself: when and where do I really plan to ride? If your answer involves a few serious hills, opt for a rear-hub motor and make sure it’s a powerful, legal 250 watts. Leisurely rides along the canal path? A comfortable step-through frame and trail-ready tyres make for a safe choice. Any lovely e-bike shop will point you in the right direction – just be wary of being ‘upsold’ anything that you don’t think is necessary – after all, you can always upgrade later.

 Two adults with electric bikes at a cafe in the Peak District.


2. Keep it Local

You’re not merely buying into a product when you settle on your perfect e-bike – you’re buying into a long-term relationship with the bike shop. Find one that's local and staffed by at least one friendly e-bike boffin and you’ve hit the jackpot. Flash a smile (and maybe your card – patronage will always plant you on their good side) and you’ll be in a great position to get your questions answered and your new bike cared for. If worst comes to worst and your bike runs into an issue down the line, you can rest assured that you’ve got local experts on call who want to keep you sweet.

See the complete range of our great value electric bikes 

3. Check Reviews

In today’s inter-connected cyber-times it’s simply no longer necessary to take any manufacturer's word for it. Dedicated e-bike reviewers from publications like Electric Bike Magazine and A to B regularly subject new bikes to their expert scrutiny, and the combined experience of hundreds of real customers is easily accessible through the micro-reviews of Review Centre, Facebook and even manufacturers’ websites. And there’s one more invaluable resource for the savvy shopper: friendly electric bike community/mecca Pedelecs, whose denizens will provide you with no shortage of insider knowledge. It’s well worth diving in – learning just a few key terms cuts down on the bamboozling.

 Two people with electric bikes in the Pavilion Gardens, Buxton.


4. Test Ride

Despite all of our previous bangings-on about being thorough and well researched, we reckon that ultimately your decision hinges on the one question: ‘Do I love this bike?’.
Fortunately, there’s an easy (and fun) way to find out for sure: jump right the heck on one and check. Not only is test riding the most fun part of the process, it’s also the most telling. Intuition is powerful – even a layperson can tell a lot about the long-term suitability of a particular e-bike from a five minute jaunt around the local area. If you suddenly feel like cycling off into the sunset then you’re probably on to something. If instead you’re left feeling apprehensive or uneasy then ask yourself these questions: Does this bike really fit me? Do I feel comfortable? Do I feel safe and in control? If the answer is no for any of these questions then hop off and reconsider. There are plenty more fish in the sea.

So there you have it. Juicy Bike’s foolproof guide to finding an e-bike that isn’t merely ‘suitable’ or ‘appropriate’ – it’s perfect. If you’ve got other burning questions re: choosing the right bike (or on any other e-bikey matters) shoot us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., call our workshop team on 01335 388 035, or send us a tweet over on @JuicyBike. Happy shopping.



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